About Express GSM

Express GSM products are designed by Alpha Arsenal LLC using leading edge technology sensors and controls. Other products include control panels, audio and visual warning devices and video surveillance systems that can be used to provide additional capabilities as needed. Alpha Arsenal produces security systems in both wired and wireless models for every need.  
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Calls when battery is low

One of the major features of the Express GSM is the ability to operate by battery for up to six months. When it's time to change the battery, "Express GSM" will send you a reminder.
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Easy to set up 

Just insert a SIM card and battery into the Express GSM; place a call from your mobile telephone to the SIM card telephone number of the Express GSM. Then press a button on the keychain remote. Your Express GSM  is now ready to operate.
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 Battery Powered

No External Power Needed 

Express GSM security systems are battery powered. No external power is required and no provision for the use of external power is provided.

Warranty Policy

A one year warranty is provided by Alpha Arsenal for the Express GSM security systems. No Warranty is provided for physical damage or for units that have been tampered with in any way.



Warranty Policy

All requests for warranty must be made to Alpha Arsenal LLC.