Express E3 - GSM Motion Detector with VGA Photo

There are many ways you can use your Express E3 GSM Motion Detector. Organize your own community security program. Let the alert call come to your phone and have up to five (5) SMS messages go to others assigned to act as your community watchmen. Concerned about unauthorized access to files located in your home or business office or storage area. The Express E3 can silently monitor the space, take a pictures  and send an alerts to your cell phone when others access the space. 

Other Uses

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Returning Home

Concerned about returning home late at night. Want to know if anyone has been in your hotel or motel room?
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Peace of Mind 

Order your portable Express GSM Motion Detector today and begin to experience the peace of mind of knowing  
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In your parked car

The Express E3 can be used in your parked car because it does not detect movement of people through glass.

Renting a vacation home

Renting a vacation home for a week? Take an Express GSM Motion Detector with you.

Construction Site

Use the Express E3 Motion Detector to protect equipment and materials stored on a construction site.


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