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All orders are processed using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account PayPal can process your order using a Visa or Master Charge card. All orders will be processed by Time of Your Life, Inc. and will show on your receipt as Time of Your Life. Time of Your Life is an authorized reseller for Alpha Arsenal LLC., the Express GSM engineering and design company.

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Express GSM 1 (Standard)  The Express GSM1 (Standard) comes with everything you need to start using as soon as you obtain a SIM Card from your cellular phone provider.  							 Price: $99.00         Express GSM 2 With Alarm  The Express GSM 2 comes with a battery powered remote siren that is activated by a signal from the Express GSM 2 when an intruder has been detected. The alarm emits an ear piercing noise and can be remotely located because it uses its own battery.   Price: $179.00  Photo Express E3  The Photo express E3 silently takes a picture of the intruder and immediately sends the picture to your cell phone with the intrusion alert. Because it only runs on battery power, it can be placed anywhere there is cell phone coverage to send the intrusion alert and picture to your cell phone.																Show Special: $219.95   BN3-433A Remote Controller  Order extra controllers for family and business members to activate and disable your GSM devices when entering or leaving protected spaces.																						Price: $20.00 Donít  Be  A  Victim